Sugar is a new special-order bakery featuring custom-designed wedding and birthday cakes, pastries and breads.
"We aren’t a retail business where you walk in off the street and buy something," said Kirsten Soria, who owns the bakery with business partner Sarah Farmer. "We operate as a caterer would." reviews01x.jpg (9175 bytes)
Gourmet cakes are their specialty, and the two work in harmony, with Soria doing the baking and Farmer in charge of the decorating.
The cost of wedding cakes begins at $4 per serving, Soria said, and rises based on the complexity of the design. Full sheet cakes with basic decorations cost about $100.
"We use real butter and real cream and only the best-quality ingredients we can find," Soria said. That goes for the lemon buttermilk cake filled with lemon curd and frosted with white chocolate butter cream; the caramel apple rum cake infused with rum and finished with caramel butter cream frosting; and the hazelnut genoise dacquoise, which has hazelnuts baked into both the cake and the merengue layer and is frosted with white chocolate mocha butter cream.
The two can create a basic cake in as little as two days, but sculpted cakes - Farmer’s specialty - require at least a week’s notice.
"I have to bake the cake, fill it, and it has to set for 24 hours before Sarah can start sculpting," Soria said. Every cake is a work of art, she added, because Farmer does not produce cookie-cutter designs.
She can’t reproduce everything exactly. She kind of makes it up as she goes along. Previous designs have included a giant beaver, a Barney-type character and a sugar paste fairy sitting atop a mushroom sitting, in turn, atop a cake.